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Training Programs

EGYM Training Programs provide customers with scientifically sound and automatically updated workout routines.

Personalized Training Programs for Everyone

Individual targets require personalized workouts. Whether its muscle building, general fitness, or body shaping: Updated automatically for each period, the training programs for EGYM Smart Strength machines adjust workouts to the personal goals of your members.

Women on Smart Strength machine
Young man on Smart Strength machine
Large man on Smart Strength machine
Older woman on Smart Strength machine

Personalized Training Programs

Intelligent Training Methods

EGYM Training Programs define optimized periods for the selected training objectives: The training method changes every six sessions to introduce a new growth stimulus. EGYM applies wave-shaped periods with four phases, allowing your customers to reap the maximum rewards. Each of them prioritizes different areas.


Regular offers steady resistance comparable to classic strength training, reducing muscle aches.


Eccentric resistance prevents muscle injuries and has a lower impact on blood pressure and heart rate.


Adaptive resistance decreases during workouts, depending on residual strength, increasing fatigue for more muscle growth.


Explonic uses the maximum acceleration of constant weight to increase speed-strength for everyday movements and sports.

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