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EGYM Ecosystem

What started with Smart Strength machines a decade ago evolved into a fitness ecosystem built around modern-day facilities that want to offer members a workout experience that connects the dots between exercise and health goals.

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Built on an Ecosystem Designed for Member Success

Fitness and health facilities that chose EGYM approach value creation from a different angle: They start with the user experience of every member and their ability to reach training goals, irrespective of knowledge level & expertise.

With EGYM, we have built a fitness ecosystem that closes the gap between expert exercise products and non-expert users. Our vision is to offer a holistic workout experience built around the entire fitness journey on and off the training floor. With our combination of workout machines, digital apps, software, and services, and our personalized training programs and unique guidance engine – we pride ourselves in making the gym work for everyone because we know that member success is gym success.

Assessment & Training Prescriptions

EGYM conducts automatically recurring member assessments through an intelligent mix of trainer and member inputs and tests on EGYM Workouts products such as Smart Strength. The data from these inputs, as well as the individual goal settings of the user, result in personalized training prescriptions pushed into all EGYM equipment and apps. Users benefit from a highly customized training program that provides them with ever-changing growth stimuli ensuring continuous progress every step of the way.

Personalized & Guided Workouts

Based on the personalized training prescription, user data from recurring assessments, and workout activity, EGYM uses up-to-date sports science and training principles to set up all EGYM machines, determine the right load, repetitions, and effort before guiding the member through each workout session via the EGYM Curve.

The EGYM Curve is a visual, gamified, and fun way to work out while ensuring correct execution and timing of each exercise, guaranteeing safe workouts and swift results, irrespective of the knowledge level of the user. In addition to the personalized training programs on EGYM equipment, the training prescription also recommends workout content on our EGYM Branded Member App, so members can continue their fitness journey seamlessly exercising outside the gym.

Progress Visualization & Motivation

Visible progress matters! It keeps members engaged with their training program and increases the probability of long-lasting training success. EGYM focuses on three core elements to keep members pushing for the best results possible: BioAge, a holistic health metric composed of Cardio Age, Metabolic Age, and Strength Age. Activity Points & Levels, a points and ranking system to gamify activity. Rankings & Challenges built on the Activity Points logic to incentivize exercise on and off the EGYM ecosystem.

Digital Member Care & Trainer Tools

In today’s digital age, members expect the ability to stay connected with you and their training progress outside of the gym. Trainers expect state-of-the-art tools to improve their member care and sell their services more efficiently.

For these purposes, we have developed a suite of digital solutions that allow you to represent your brand to the world in a customized, white-label fitness app equipped with endless powerful features. We also offer an app for trainers that helps health coaches and staff provide more specific and meaningful member care to your customers and increases productivity and efficiency with custom workflows and task chains - powered by real-time data and insights.

Connectivity, Integrations & Data

The EGYM Ecosystem is an open system built on the EGYM Cloud.

Operators: this means you are flexible to build your perfect gym based on the concepts you believe in and the brands you trust. EGYM neatly integrates into your current (or future) portfolio of equipment and software, offering numerous plug and play options such as Smart Cardio, our integrated Cardio experience, available on leading 3rd party equipment, like Precor®, LifeFitness®, or Matrix®.

Members: the EGYM Cloud provides the ability to connect nearly all personal gadgets or apps that keep track of workout activity and health data, such as Apple Health®, Garmin®, Fitbit®, and many more - directly in your app. By allowing users to integrate additional sources, we drive adoption of the EGYM experience and associate other workout tools more closely with you – the fitness or health facility. By providing members with an easy path to integrating 3rd-party health data, you are increasing adoption of your digital strategy among your members while simultaneously providing them with a more holistic view of their activity and progress.

Trainer Knowledge & Workflows

To maximize your return on investment and ensure your EGYM solution works as designed, we’re here to help you ensure staff and trainers work hand in hand to deliver the best possible workout experience to your members.

So don’t worry! Before we even start discussing the perfect solution for your fitness or health facility, our Sales and Customer Success teams will align with you on your personal goals and the most critical performance indicators we will track against in a strategy meeting. We use the meeting’s outputs to understand how we need to adjust your solution to meet your needs and become the blueprint by which you will evaluate our ability to make your facility more successful.

As an EGYM customer, you’re provided access to a comprehensive series of on-site-trainings, briefings, informational materials, and recurring KPI check-ins with your dedicated Customer Success Representative. We will ensure your solution is running smoothly, and your staff and trainers are equipped with the most current knowledge. Our goal is to turn your staff and trainers into EGYM experts, so they can educate your members on how to make the most of your solution.

Marketing Support

You spent time and money bringing EGYM into your facility. Now you need to advertise your new offering to potential and existing customers and educate them about the benefits of working out with EGYM.

We offer a wide range of Marketing Support to you via our dedicated Marketing Portal. Inside you will find merchandise, flyers, posters, roll-ups, and other material that will help you better communicate EGYM to your members and strengthen their brand loyalty. After becoming an EGYM customer, we set you up with a free account that allows you to purchase and print marketing materials or simply download them directly to your desktop!

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