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Success Model

The Success Model provides a guided and tested process to ensure you can make the most of your EGYM solution, from successfully implementing your solution, coaching your staff & trainers, and inspiring members to work out with EGYM.

Why a Success Model?

Change is hard. And it starts with you. We want to equip you, the operator, with the knowledge, tools, and processes to make your EGYM solution a hit with trainers, staff, and members alike. The goal is to make sure your teams can master all the features, functionalities, and workflows around our products and successfully communicate the benefits of EGYM to members so you can turn prospects into customers, and customers into fans.

At EGYM, we always start with the members. Our goal is to help you educate your members on the importance of exercise, specifically strength training, to achieve long-lasting training success and real health outcomes. Most gym-goers are not aware of the impact workouts will have on their health, including benefits like increased life-long functional capacity, a stronger cardiovascular system, increased immune defense, and improved physical and mental wellness. We want to arm you with the right messages and knowledge, so you can win the trust of your members and make them successful using your EGYM solution.

We Start With Assessing Your Needs

Winning and retaining new members

Offering personalized and guided workouts at a competitive price

Digitizing processes and workflows

Providing better member care

Making members successful

Then We Turn Your Gym Into A Solution. And Your Trainers Into Experts.

We designed the EGYM Success Model to break down complexity for you and your teams by offering you step-by-step coachings that build up to a final Master Class that enables you to conduct group sales in the form of member keynotes to accelerate the adoption of your EGYM products, drive new sign-ups and engagements at your facility.

And This Is Why We Believe Member Success Means Gym Success

Workout Success




strength improvement in 3 months

Customer Loyalty




less churn with EGYM users

Workout Engagement




more gym visits from EGYM users

Ready To Start the EGYM Success Model?

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