How Open Mode Is Increasing Operator Options

How Open Mode Is Increasing Operator Options

In the December issue of Club Business International, EGYM’s VP of Global Marketing and Brand, Sean Ironside, sat down to discuss how EGYM’s recent software innovation is increasing operator options.

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Connected Fitness Technology

The EGYM Fitness Hub facilitates initial assessments in only two minutes, then pushes member data to EGYM’s Smart Strength equipment, which saves staff time.

When users sign in to the EGYM Smart Strength line using RFID technology, the machines are automatically configured, and lead them through customized routines with resistance from electric motors, and guidance from interactive touchscreens.

With a recent software overhaul, Smart Strength includes Circuit Mode, which provides synchronized workouts with a guided, user-friendly experience and high throughput in. There’s also Open Mode, which experienced members can use across the entire fitness floor. It saves your presets, provides expert regimens, performance tests, and more. 


One Solution for All Exercisers

“Our ecosystem supports new users who need guidance, as well as advanced exercisers who want greater challenges,” explains Sean Ironside, the VP of Global Marketing and Brand at EGYM. “With our personalized training programs and unique guidance engine, we make the gym work for everyone, because we know that member success equals gym success.”

He adds that EGYM is designed to deliver maximum ROI. “Our exciting offering enables clubs to justify membership fees, drive upselling, and keep costs low due to the operational efficiencies that EGYM creates.”

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