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Gameday: The Most Important Questions Answered

What are the benefits of Gameday, what do you need to use Gameday and how often should you work out with Gameday? We answer the most important questions about Gameday.

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Gameday in the EGYM Ecosystem

    Open Mode is the operating mode for Smart Strength that we introduced in addition to Circuit Mode in 2022. All modes of operation have their benefits and fulfill different goals. So, depending on your goals in the gym, it can even make sense to use all three variants in parallel:

    • A circuit workout is ideal for introducing beginners and best agers to independent workouts, and helps operators drastically reduce high dropout rates - all without adding staff.
    • Open Mode, on the other hand, allows for 1:1 substitution of plug-in weights and data-driven coaching for advanced members. In addition, working out with Smart Strength in Open Mode allows users to seamlessly transition from Circuit Mode to a standalone workout (e.g., split workouts, specific equipment selection, or set workouts). This can generate additional revenue as well as justify premium fees even for advanced users.
    • Gameday builds on Open Mode and is our next step to bring advanced members to EGYM Smart Strength machines all by themselves and keep them permanently. The best way to do this is to set up a dedicated Gameday area at your gym - ideally near your current free weights area. Open Mode without Gameday can be useful for physical therapy practices, for example, since Gameday is not essential for them.

    No, Gameday itself is free for our customers who meet or already have the following product requirements: Open Mode, Fitness Hub, and the Branded Member App (paid version).

    ALL of these components are mandatory for Gameday to be unlocked. If you are already an EGYM customer and would like to use Gameday, we will be happy to advise you on how to acquire the missing components and best set them up in your gym.

    No. All components are required for a good customer and user experience. Partial configurations are not supported. Our sales executives will be happy to support you during a free consultation on how to use our products and solutions in your gym or health club.

    Gameday will be available in July 2023.

    We specifically designed Gameday to engage the vast majority of advanced exercisers in workouts with EGYM. To achieve that, we'll give you a free consultation on how to best implement it with your concept. Just contact us and we'll show you how Gameday can benefit you and your gym.

    The list of member management systems integrated in EGYM and the features they support can be found on here. We will also add compatibility with Gameday here once trial booking has been integrated with member management via Fitness Hub. 

    When selecting Member Management, look for the "Booking EGYM+" and "Booking Machine Access" features if you want to automate and monetize your workflows.

    Yes, all EGYM Smart Strength machine series are compatible with Gameday.

    Gameday in the Gym: Implementation From the Operator's Perspective

      Yes, the number of EGYM machines in Open Mode, which were activated in the first strategy meeting with Gameday, can be turned on and off within the Business Suite Portal in Settings. Here, there is the option to deactivate Gameday in guest mode. Please note that this function does not work for individual machines and that Gameday remains available for existing EGYM members after login.

      Yes, in a gym you can run machines in Circuit Mode, Open Mode without Gameday and with Gameday in parallel. Depending on the studio concept we even recommend this. Our team will help you find the perfect solution for your specific situation.

      Yes, the concept of Gameday is exactly that: users can discover the added value of workouts on EGYM equipment themselves and just get started. Gameday is available with just one click from the machine's idle screen. This also makes it a valuable tool for upselling or when a potential member is touring the gym for the first time. The settings are predefined by entering the body height, just like in the Guest Mode workout.

      No, Gameday only runs on machines in Open Mode. If you are already successfully using an EGYM circuit, you should definitely keep it as is, as it serves a different purpose. Our team will help you find the perfect solution for your situation and business model.


      You can continue to work with Open Mode as usual. Gameday is an ecosystem feature that requires the use of Open Mode, Fitness Hub, and the paid version of the Branded Member App (BMA). That means only if you own all of these products can you use Gameday in your gym.

      Gameday is an additional feature for our Open Mode machines. Open Mode machines can be used both with and without Gameday. For users with EGYM ID, in the logged in area, workouts in "Auto" with smart workout programs or in "Individual" with the workout methods are of course also possible on machines with Gameday. In parallel we are also working on the possibility to make Gameday possible in the logged in area. You will find more about this on our EGYM blog in the next few months.

      Yes, in the Business Suite Portal in Settings, operators can turn Gameday on or off in guest mode so that only logged-in members can use Gameday.

      Workout With Gameday: Usage From a Member's Perspective

        To improve workout routines, Gameday can be used in the following three ways:

        • Once a month: Use Gameday regularly to see your progress for each muscle group - this will help you stay motivated. At the same time you can determine your personal highscore for the ranking every month.
        • Once a week: Set a maximum workout stimulus to avoid stagnation and achieve good results. It is recommended to do this workout before a rest day of the trained muscle group and it should not clash with your workout routines.
        • If you are short on time for your workout: Just work out a set to muscle failure (HIIT) using the Gameday method. This can be an effective tactic for getting the most out of your workout in a short amount of time.


        On the ranking list the groups are only separated by gender. But by downloading the Gameday results in the EGYM Business Suite, other evaluation criteria can be taken into account, such as the age of the member. So you can create your own rankings for studio comparisons.

        The Gameday ranking adds the total weight moved within a set and measures strength endurance. The starting point is determined on an individual basis based on a strength test performed during Gameday. Currently, we start with about 35% of a user's maximum strength and add about 5% of that starting weight for each repetition. To prevent cheating, if a user stops performing reps after 3 seconds of inactivity, the set will automatically end.

        The results of the best performers are displayed on a large TV screen and/ or in the app if the member has agreed to this once on the machine or in the app. During the workout itself, the exerciser can see the results of the last five participants on the EGYM machine's screen - allowing workout buddies to compete directly with each other.

        With the launch of Gameday, there is only the stack the weight challenge. Since Gameday is not just for challenges, but rather as a tool for operators to attract new members to EGYM and get them excited about our smart workouts, we will of course continue to improve the product. For example, in the next few years we will offer additional challenges on strength or partner products such as cardio machines.

        Stacking the weight allows you to increase weight during a set and add additional weight during eccentric movement while measuring the user's 1-Rep Max (1RM).

        This is quite easy to execute and motivates exercisers to workout to their limits. This allows them to workout to muscle failure - a new experience for many, but one that can benefit any workout routine. Why? Because muscle mass is built, plateaus are broken, and a sense of exhaustion is achieved at the end of a set.

        In this way, Gameday provides users with a strength-endurance performance test as well as a max strength test for each muscle group in a safe and guided workout environment - all with one machine and a seamless user experience.

        Yes, this is possible if existing EGYM members sign in at the respective machine with their EGYM ID instead of using Gameday in guest mode. After logging in, members can do a Gameday workout with the settings already saved in their profile.

        Yes, EGYM members can complete a Gameday workout quicker and more easily in the logged-in mode, as the machines are automatically set to the member's personal settings and use their current strength test to determine the starting weight for a Gameday workout. In addition, Gameday workouts in the logged-in mode are also displayed in the training history and contribute to the member's activity points.

        After a Gameday, a member who has not yet onboarded will always be referred to the Fitness Hub. A setting that prevents this is not currently possible.

        Challenge with Gameday: Leaderboard

          The Fitness Hub also displays the leaderboard, logged-in users can see the complete list of participants and thus compare themselves in detail on the Fitness Hub.

          TV Lokal, for example, is currently working on a solution to integrate the studio-based Gameday ranking website. Contact your TV Lokal contact to schedule the integration of the website into the screens. If you are using other vendors, a tie-in can be scheduled at the strategy meeting.

          When a member posts their result, the first name, first letter of last name, and total weight moved will be displayed.

          Members have the option to opt out of having their results published. Members who set their profile to "Private" in the Branded Member App will be asked after a Gameday if they want to publish their result. Members who set their profile to "Public" will have their result published to the leaderboard every Gameday without being asked.

          The leaderboard at the machine includes only the last 4 people who have completed a Gameday and linked their EGYM account. Due to the short dwell time of the result on the machine, there is no possibility to influence the visibility of the result.

          Yes. If the public ranking is reset, the results cannot be restored. However, they can still be downloaded via the export function in the Business Suite.

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