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Gameday - This Changes Everything!

More motivation for members, more turnover for operators.

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From Repetition to Competition. From Stagnation to Progress. From Guesswork to Insights.

EGYM presents its latest innovation at FIBO: Gameday is the unique, interactive workout that gets especially experienced members out of their workout routines and motivates them in the long term through real variety and a completely new workout experience.

Gameday is available as a software upgrade from July 2023 - free of charge for EGYM customers with Fitness Hub, Smart Strength in Open Mode, Branded Member App and connected management software. 

The aim of Gameday is to convince advanced members who do not yet work out on EGYM equipment of the many EGYM added values in a playful and simple way and via very different drivers, and thus to convince them to upgrade their membership. For operators, Gameday means additional turnover without higher staff costs.

And This Is How It Works:

From Repetition to Competition

Let's take the competitive member: Gameday brings the competitive character into the gym for the first time, because as soon as you enter, your eyes fall on the brand-new TV screen: On display - as in the member's gym app - is a ranking of the top performers per EGYM Smart Strength machine. 

The challenge is set, and it's easy to join in: the workout starts with a tap on the new "Challenge yourself" screen tile. Our member doesn't need to be told twice - now just enter your height and perform a short strength test. The starting weight is automatically preset and off you go! 

The member receives real-time feedback on his performance during his repetitions and sees how he has performed compared to the last five users on this machine. So workout buddies measure themselves directly against each other! 

The completely new, interactive workout experience makes it clear from the very first moment: this machine can do much more than a conventional plug-in weight.

From Stagnation to Progress

The inspiration-seeking member enters the gameday via his training plan in the app. There, the offer awaits to optimise all training weights for all exercises to the personal, current performance capacity. 

Based on the result of the Gameday, EGYM's artificial intelligence (AI) creates the ideal training weight for the entire training plan, even including free weights. With each additional Gameday on each additional machine, the AI learns and continuously improves the weight recommendations. Thanks to Gameday, the entire fitness floor suddenly becomes smart!

From Guessing to Knowing

Data-savvy members are also motivated to try out Gameday through their gym app, for example by the suggestion to learn more about their own strengths and progress: "How strong are you? Do a strength test and find out!" 

The member immediately recognises any imbalances, for example, via the strength analysis and tracks their progress in the app over time.

Independent Onboarding and Optional Test Phase

After completing their Gameday workout, members see their first results on the device display. They are either happy with their performance or recognise potential for optimisation, but in any case remain motivated to continue. 

The screen display invites independent onboarding at the EGYM Fitness Hub. The member is then directly activated for an optional free test phase in order to convince themselves in detail of all EGYM added values. 

These include, for example, the automatic equipment settings, more effective workouts thanks to different workout methods (isokinetic, adaptive, etc.) and motivating live feedback with the popular workout curve or bar. 

At the end of the trial period, the member enters the payment phase to continue using all the smart features of the EGYM equipment.

What Makes Gameday so Brilliant for Operators?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to justify premium fees to advanced users: These then often switch to discounters or stay in an unprofitable basic tariff. With Gameday, advanced members discover the added value of smart workouts with EGYM completely on their own. 

This gets them out of their workout routines, takes their customer journey to the next level and helps retain them in the long run. The additional monetisation comes after trial and testing, through member demand alone, with no staffing required! Thanks to this proven freemium model, trainers actually remain trainers and do not mutate into salespeople.

Gameday not only immediately helps to solve current challenges, it is also an investment in the future. EGYM is constantly developing Gameday further. At the start in July, the focus is on the strength-endurance dimension. Other strength dimensions and new, interactive workout experiences will gradually follow. 

The introduction already works in a small "Gameday Area" in the free weight area. Depending on the studio space and number of members, the concept can be scaled up to practically any size - even to the point of equipping the entire training area.

How Gameday Works in the Gym

  • Inspire: Thanks to rankings, data-driven analyses and training recommendations, there is a reason for every experienced member in the gym to try out Gameday.
  • Start immediately: Without prior onboarding, exercisers immediately experience the unique workout experience with Gameday. Just tap and go!
  • Work out smart: After fully automated onboarding at the EGYM Fitness Hub, members launch on their own into an optional free trial of the entire EGYM workout experience.
  • Convert: During the trial period, members discover all the proven benefits of EGYM and then convert to the optional paid phase.

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